iBwave Consulting - Design Certified Level 2

VHC's iBwave Design Certified (Level 2) Engineers are here for you to effectively harness the power of the iBwave design suite. You can rely on 102% accuracy to find your optimal enterprise cellular in-building solution using the most advanced fiber to-the-endpoint technology. Choose VHC to help you design the most secure solution for all of your security cameras, TB, Wifi, and DAS / cellular repeating technology.

Experienced iBwave Design and Consulting

Our iBwave Engineers will get your design build to 102% accuracy!

Education Campus

Colleges, Public Schools and Stadiums all need a secure and fast cellular, security and wifi connections. Having an accurate budget is a must in order to have a successful technology project pass the educational board. You can depend on our certified engineers to provide 102% accuracy.
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Enterprise Office Campus

Technology security is paramount to protect your company or your office building from hackers. Speed is also important for revenue generation and productivity. Have the best of both worlds at your office campus with fiber technology security and speed.
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Hospitality and Entertainment Site

The security and speed of your wifi, cellular, and security systems at your hotel or hospitality company are paramount to your guests experience. Capitalize on VHC's expertise in providing the best in design and engineering of your technology infrastructure.
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It takes a certified design engineer with iBwave to effectively help bid and plan your building cellular, wifi, security, and DAS requirements. Count on VHC for all of your iBwave design needs.